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April 2019 Meetup – Page Speed and WC + Elementor

Elementor Resources – Documentation and Pro Plugin Pricing

Elementor YouTube Channel –  Resource to learn about Widgets/Functions  and new features.

Elementor Facebook – Company

Elementor Facebook – Community

Live Mesh Elementor Addon – by Live Mesh Themes

Ultimate Addons for Elementor – by Astra Theme Maker

Page Speed


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February 2018 – Automating WooCommerce, Setting up your First Store and Ask the Experts

Automating WooCommerce by Michael Cremean

Automating WooCommerce will help you save time and money, and enable you to spend more time selling.


Link Roundup


Subscriptions WooCommerce Subscriptions  

Memberships WooCommerce Memberships

Google Product Feed

WP All Import

Social Media Automation

Cart Notices or Cart Notices

Abandoned Cart Followup

Drip Campaigns

Coupon Code Generation, Follow Ups and Conditional Behavior

Drop Shipping

Cloud Automation – Zapier, WooCommerce Zapier,


LetsEncrypt http://letsencrypt.

PDF of Presentation – Automating WooCommerce – WooCommerce Meetup Feb 2018

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May 2017 – Shipping


We started with recent news related to WooCommerce.

What’s Coming in WP 4.8  – Text widget w/formatting, image widget and more features.

PayPal ‘Business in a Box’ Toolset – in partner with Xero, an option for businesses that use PayPal.

WooCommerce and Square – Integration with Square now supported.

Password Reset Vulnerability Fix – WP Tavern discusses new vulnerability to be fixed in upcoming release.

Topic – Shipping

This month was focused on various methods of shipping using WooCommerce, including what’s built in, Table Rates, USPS, Fedex, UPS and Shipstation. Thanks to for a real application example.

PDF of the Slides for Presentation

Links from presentation:


Table Rate Shipping Docs API Docs

FedEx WC Ext Docs

UPS Ext Docs

ShipStation Pricing Model

Shipstation Ext (Free)

All WC Shipping Extensions

We support:




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April 2017 – WC 3.0 and Selling Digital/Virtual Products

WooCommerce 3.0

Manny started us off with an overview of the new release last week of WooCommerce 3.0.

There is a great summary at the WooCommerce 3.0 Update Article


Course on WooCommerce w/Sensei

Chris Rogers is launching a site to focus on helping Entertainers with Websites. He’s created Video and Content for each Course at his site launching soon.

He gave an insight into building a WooCommerce / Sensei site.

Check out Sensei , or the demo or  documentation.


Selling Digital/Virtual Services

WooCommerce can allow you to sell Services online. Using the Subscriptions plugin Mike made a demo of selling WordPress Maintenance.

Then using Booking plugin an example of allowing a customer to choose their own timeslots to book Technology Consulting.



Canvas Theme

Stripe WooCommerce Stripe (Free)

Subscriptions WooCommerce Subscriptions  $199

Memberships WooCommerce Memberships $149

Follow Ups WooCommerce Bookings  $249



WordPress Plugins User:     quadshot


Presentation PDF


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March 2017

Link Roundup March 9, 2017



WooCommerce 2.7 Release Candidate

The release candidate for WooCommerce 2.7 “Bionic Butterfly” is now available! Shipping a release candidate (RC) means we think we’re done, but with hundreds of thousands of stores and so many plugins and themes which declare WooCommerce support, it’s possible we’ve missed something. We hope to ship WooCommerce 2.7.0 on Tuesday, March 14th but we need…

WordPress 4.7.3 Patches Half-Dozen Vulnerabilities

WordPress released a security update on Tuesday that patched a half-dozen bugs, including one that could be chained with the recent REST API Endpoint flaw that led to a million website defacements. Given that the bug was introduced in WordPress 4.7 and the availability of a patch that backports fixes to all previous versions, it’s likely the impact of this bug is limited.

WooCommerce Builder – pootlepress

99 Buy now $99 Buy now Below are some videos that show you the unique and limitless layout possibilities that you’ll now have with WooCommerce Builder. Either use it to customize your individual products or your shop pages. Note: WooCommerce Builder is a free module with Pootle Pagebuilder Pro. lets you ditch Medium with new import tool

Publishing platform Medium recently laid off dozens of people. So if you don’t want to hand away your precious writing to a startup that is still looking for its business model, you can move your content to in just a few clicks. add-on now available for Google Docs

Writing is either a solo or collaborative effort, with tools of the trade being quite varied. Now, two of them have now been integrated seamlessly. Those of you who use WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS), and Google Docs for the actual writing, can now make use of an add-on to post directly from the latter to the former.


Customizing Checkout and Display on My Account – Robert Gillmer

Robert has worked on sites where customers need fields added to checkout and then this data is displayed on the My Account page, or on other searches.

He’s going to use a case study of a site to show how this was done.

Plugin Review and Demo – Checkout Field Editor – Michael Cremean

For the non-programmer, there is a cool plugin that allows you to add fields to a Checkout to capture.

WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor – Plugin Link

WooCommerce Checkout Field Documentation 


WooCommerce Hidden CPTs – Russell Aaron

WooCommerce has some CPTs that aren’t shown in the dashboard. if you’re wondering where data went, or is missing, he’ll show where you need to look