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May 2017 – Shipping


We started with recent news related to WooCommerce.

What’s Coming in WP 4.8  – Text widget w/formatting, image widget and more features.

PayPal ‘Business in a Box’ Toolset – in partner with Xero, an option for businesses that use PayPal.

WooCommerce and Square – Integration with Square now supported.

Password Reset Vulnerability Fix – WP Tavern discusses new vulnerability to be fixed in upcoming release.

Topic – Shipping

This month was focused on various methods of shipping using WooCommerce, including what’s built in, Table Rates, USPS, Fedex, UPS and Shipstation. Thanks to for a real application example.

PDF of the Slides for Presentation

Links from presentation:


Table Rate Shipping Docs API Docs

FedEx WC Ext Docs

UPS Ext Docs

ShipStation Pricing Model

Shipstation Ext (Free)

All WC Shipping Extensions

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