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April 2017 – WC 3.0 and Selling Digital/Virtual Products

WooCommerce 3.0

Manny started us off with an overview of the new release last week of WooCommerce 3.0.

There is a great summary at the WooCommerce 3.0 Update Article


Course on WooCommerce w/Sensei

Chris Rogers is launching a site to focus on helping Entertainers with Websites. He’s created Video and Content for each Course at his site launching soon.

He gave an insight into building a WooCommerce / Sensei site.

Check out Sensei , or the demo or  documentation.


Selling Digital/Virtual Services

WooCommerce can allow you to sell Services online. Using the Subscriptions plugin Mike made a demo of selling WordPress Maintenance.

Then using Booking plugin an example of allowing a customer to choose their own timeslots to book Technology Consulting.



Canvas Theme

Stripe WooCommerce Stripe (Free)

Subscriptions WooCommerce Subscriptions  $199

Memberships WooCommerce Memberships $149

Follow Ups WooCommerce Bookings  $249



WordPress Plugins User:     quadshot


Presentation PDF