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November 2016

Link Roundup

Opening News

WooCommerce Holiday Tips

Some helpful tips for store owners to get some increased sales on your stores!

Holiday Tips 2016

WordFence on Their Methodologies & Price Increases

We covered WordFence in a previous Month’s Meetup, and since that presentation there are some significant price increases. Does this change your opinion on WordFence?

Also a great article about what WordFence does.

We will always put our customers and community first

Wordfence Signup

One Million Cups coming to Vegas

By the Kaufman Foundation, 1 Million Cups is going to be opening in Las Vegas. More details to come, but this is a free resource for Entrepreneurs with great events.

Useful Tip from PootlePress (with Video)

This simple WooCommerce tip will help you sell more products (probably)


Presentation Links

Before the Sale – Manny Costa

Manny covered a lot of topics on how to start an WooCommerce business. The slides are here and and contain a LOT of links. 

Setting up a Recurring Billing Business – Michael Cremean

For our case study, we setup a consulting business where you needed to charge someone a monthly fee. We did this live and here are the tools we used:

WooCommerce Stripe (Free)

WooCommerce Subscriptions  $199

WooCommerce Memberships $149

WooCommerce Follow Ups  $99


Meetup Videos